Fazel Rug Gallery

Providing Services in Cincinnati Show Room


We treat your rugs with the utmost care and concern. All rugs are thoroughly dusted, hand-washed (completely soaked in water), and naturally air-dried with a fan. We also can address pet stains with our special Enzyme Wash, by request.


We restore HANDMADE rugs only. We can repair ends, sides, and re-weave rugs as well. We know your rugs are a staple in your home and we will do our best to get them back to the way you want.


Needing an Appraisal or Just Wanting Information about your HANDMADE rug? With my knowledge gained throughout the nearly four decades in the rug business, I am able to accurately describe the history of your rug; place of origin, design type, age, condition and market value. Come in today for a verbal appraisal or a written legal appraisal.


Having Trouble with Your Rug Moving or Sliding?

Rug sliding and movement can be prevented by placing a pad under the rug. We recommend that one only place a pad underneath a new rug when the rug is sliding or moving. However for an antique or semi-antique rug a pad is
recommended, to prolong the life and durability of the rug.

We have a wide variety of pads for every surface, contact us today for more information.